Addressing the Potential for Harmful Content on Literully

Learn how we are addressing this issue and working towards a safe and inclusive environment on our platform

As a decentralized poll built on the Polygon, Literully has the unique advantage of offering a platform for free speech and secure voting. However, with this freedom also comes the potential for individuals to use the platform to promote hateful or harmful ideologies.

While Literully does not support hate speech or other harmful content, we cannot control what users choose to discuss on our platform. As such, it is possible that poll topics on Literully may include racist, sexist, or other offensive ideas.

It is important to note that by providing a platform for free speech, we are not necessarily endorsing the views expressed by users on our platform. Rather, we believe that allowing individuals to express their opinions freely, even if those opinions are unpopular or controversial, ultimately leads to a better understanding of the issues at hand.

Furthermore, we believe that the public will ultimately reject and condemn hateful ideas, and that time will reveal the best outcome for society. However, this does not mean that we are indifferent to the potential harm that such ideas can cause.

In order to mitigate the potential negative effects of hateful content on our platform, we have implemented a system for users to report offensive or harmful poll topics. We also encourage users to engage in respectful and constructive discourse, and to avoid promoting hateful ideologies.

Ultimately, we believe that the benefits of a decentralized platform for free speech and secure voting outweigh the potential drawbacks. However, we also recognize the need to address the potential for harmful content, and will continue to work towards creating a safe and inclusive environment on Literully.

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